Tips on Choosing Rugs for the Summer

The weather is warm and the sun is out, this can only mean that summer is here! Time to change over your winter clothes for summer clothes, rearrange the garage for summer belonging access, etc. One way to really accent the summer season is your home is to pick out a summer rug. Certain aspects of different rugs help capture the summer feel we all love. Here are some tips when picking out a rug that will be for the summer season.

Color – When it comes to summer, everyone thinks of light colors. This goes the same with rugs, as lighter colors complement a summer house really well and bring a welcoming feeling to the room. Colors such as green, yellow, red, light blue and different shades of orange really bring a summer pop to a home. For a more feminine feel, purple, pink and lilac  are a good way to go. What is currently trending in summer rugs this year are blue aquatic colors, nautical colors and beach colors and patterns.

Rag Rugs – To make a room really feel like you are on the beach is to have a rug that accentuates the summer feel. One way to do this is by having a rag rug. When people see rag rugs they thing of beach houses, sand blankets, and the sand. They are cost efficient and light in weight so they can be moved around with ease. In addition, they are easier to clean and are good for picking up anything you may bring in from outside.

Cleanable – People are a lot more active during the summer and are outside. After a long day outside, there is possibilities of bringing in dirty shoes. In addition, if you have pets they can dirty up a rug as well. Make sure to get a rug that is easy to clean so that the rug looks clean as much as possible during the summer.

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