The Importance Of A Rug Cleaning

The importance of a rug cleaning? Leading textile experts advise having your rugs deep cleaned every 5 years at a professional rug cleaning facility. The wrong cleaning can do serious damage to your Oriental rug. Rug cleaning is an important routine that rug owners should not overlook. Dirt can hide in the deepest fibers of the rug’s material and is an important factor for the shelf life of the rug. Purchasing a new rug can be extremely expensive, taking care of your area rug or Oriental rug can save you both time and money. It is important is that these cleaning efforts are being done with regularity. Here are other benefits of keeping your rug clean.

Pest Control

Rugs can act as filters trapping dirt, dust and other allergens in its fibers. Bugs and other pests can be attracted to these conditions because of the temperatures and conducive conditions. Pests can eat away at the fibers of the rug and possibly lay eggs within the fibers. Having your rug cleaned can prevent eggs from hatching within your rug, getting rid of any pests that lay dormant in your rug.

Longer Life

Maintaining proper upkeep to your rug can prolong the life span of the rug. Dirt and sand particles contribute to the wear and tear of the fibers through constant use and accumulation of dirt. Cleaning the rug periodically can help maintain the form of the rug while rejuvenating the fibers of the rug making it look new again.

Our cleaning plant is a soap and water wash, no chemicals on standard cleanings. We implement a multi-step process that gets rid of deep-seated dirt that grinds out fibers, as well as bringing back the colors and original luster of your carpet. The proper cleaning process also extends the life of your rug.

We also inspect your carpet for rips, tears, holes and stains overcasting and fringe damage. We have an excellent in-house repair service to take care of any and all issues your rug may have.

Lastly, having a proper pad under your rug is also very important and it adds cushion and helps your rug to stay in place.

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