A Textured Rug Custom Cut and Bound

We used a beautiful, cream textured rug to give this customer exactly what she wanted – something simple, but with some interest. Because of the layout of her hallways and stairs and her desire to have a continuous look throughout the whole area, we custom cut and bound the material to provide that look of a beautiful textured rug “floating” on her hardwood floors. Because she had a lot of hallway to cover we suggested this relatively inexpensive nylon product so she could cover a big area without breaking the bank. She was thrilled with both the way this looked and the extraordinarily detailed installation that gave her exactly the look she wanted.

textured rug

Manufacturer: Dixie Home
Design: Trellis
Fiber: Nylon
Color: Beige
Features: Inexpensive, durable, beautifully consistent textured rug
Installation: Custom cut and bound to fit the hall and stairs

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