What Our Customer’s Say…

“The easiest rug buying experience ever! Nancy helped me pick out a beautiful runner. The price was so reasonable and it was exactly what I was looking for. She kept me informed throughout the ordering and delivery process so there were no surprises. The installer was amazing. He took so much care in measuring and cutting so the borders would line up where the stairs made a turn. All in all, I would highly recommend Sudbury Rug.”Jill L.

“We stopped by after being lured by an ad for estate furniture and walked out having bought a huge custom rug for our living room (we had been thinking about getting a new one and decided to pull the trigger). They were so earnest and willing to work with our budget – it was a great experience, we love the rug and rug pad, and I’m now planning to talk to them about stair runners and wall-to-wall. Their inventory of vintage orientals is beautiful and relatively affordable considering the values of the rugs – there were several I loved but they weren’t the size we needed. Highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market – they did not pressure at all and they’re so knowledgeable, it would be worthwhile even if it’s just a conversation and you don’t buy anything.”Melanie K.

“I was looking to get my rugs cleaned and to buy a new one for the living room. I was thrilled with the service as they picked up my rugs to be cleaned and brought them back in a timely manner. When I walked into the store I was amazed by the selection of beautiful rugs to choose from and the service I received. I was able to pick out the perfect rug for my family and they let me customize it to anything I wanted from the selection of samples. They delivered the rug and placed it exactly where I wanted it to go, having to move the furniture around for me. Definitely 5 stars! Great prices, great service and great choices!”Rebecca S.

“I had a great experience working with Nancy at Sudbury rugs. Nancy really cares about her customers and will listen to you to make sure you get rugs you will love.  We just got our first order in, and they are perfect.  The size was spot-on, excellent quality, and Nancy got us a great price. I was impressed with the quality of the binding. We are ordering more rugs, and I would definitely feel comfortable recommending to family and friends.”Amy J.

“My boyfriend and I went to Sudbury Rug to find rugs for our new apartment. They had a great selection and all the area rugs that they had there were marked way down so we were able to get 4 rugs. I was very happy about that. The sales woman was very helpful too. We also picked a beautiful wool stair runner for the stairs. The installer did a great job. I love how it looks!
They also told me they have a warehouse full of used furniture and other things. We are going to go to that when they open it up next Sunday for one of their sales. I’m going to send all my friends to Sudbury Rug when they are looking for rugs!”Kelsey C.

“Called a big store on Rt9. Constantly changed  appointment for estimating and installation. Called Sudbury rug they made a time that worked for us and were prompt. Big store price was outrageous for the exact same stair runner. It was obvious that Sudbury rug was not only well run, honest but most of all had knowledgeable people who could estimate properly  and then do a great installation.”Robert F.

“I’ve been coming to Sudbury Rug for over 4 years now and I must say I cannot complain. Their rug selection within the store will allow you to browse a plethora of styles and colors in area rugs, stair runners, and wall to wall carpet. If you are unhappy with the choices you can ask Ken and Nancy to see what they can do in order to try and order a product of your liking. That is just who they are, a family owned business that focuses on serving their customers to their best abilities.”Thiago T.

“We have used Sudbury Rugs for over 15 years and have always experienced excellent service, both for purchasing new rugs and cleaning old ones. We recently purchased a wool broadloom that we had cut and bound. Ken and Nancy helped us pick out a few samples at the showroom and then they came to our house to help us with the final decision. When the rug was done and brought to our house, we decided we wanted an edge cut to follow the floor pattern. They sent their rug fabricator to do that. We are very pleased with the rug and the service they provided.”Maria I.

“These guys know everything, not just about rugs, but about how to install things perfectly.  Our finished basement was flooded last April, and they gave us a wide range of options.  We decided to go with half carpet and half vinyl flooring strips that look like wood.  It sounds tacky, but a) it’s saving us $  b) it actually looks great and c) if we ever flood again, it’s easy to clean.  (The flooding was really on one end and we have a sump pump now).  What’s amazing, though, is the care they put in – the edging, making sure that there are no tripping hazards from the main floor to the bathroom and so forth.  My only criticism was that it took some time to get started, but that was probably as much our wavering about whether to get started as their scheduling.  They’re not pushy people trying to sell you, so you don’t end up buying more than you want.”Michael D.

“I saw a couple of rugs in the store that I liked. What they did was come over to my house and allow me to see the rugs in my room with no obligations, pressure or anything. They were able to bring the rugs over and I could see how they looked in my room before purchasing them. I don’t live too far from the store. They were also willing to negotiate on the price. I couldn’t afford one of the rugs even on sale. They provided top-notch service. The owner’s wife happened to wait on me. I didn’t know she was the owner’s wife till after she came over to my house. Everyone that worked there was very professional and very nice. They really bent over backwards for me. I was impressed with them. I don’t know much about oriental rugs. I know they marked it down twice, and I also know that they mark them up first. I didn’t want the French on the rug staying out. What they did was they took the rug back and taped it underneath for me free of charge. They took it back and made it look nice without devaluing the rug. I have dogs that are problematic. They did a better job of taping it underneath than I could’ve done. Basically they did whatever I asked of them. They were really nice to deal with.”Juli L.

“I was horrified to discover substantial web casing moth damage and lots of live larvae in my beloved 8′ x 12′ wool Heriz carpet, in all the areas that were concealed under furniture. I called quite a few places that claimed to specialize in oriental carpets, and some did not want to deal with moths. One local place that claimed expertise with moths didn’t know the difference between eggs and larvae. Another carpet cleaner who does not do moths referred me to Sudbury Rug and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Their prices were reasonable, I thought, although it was not cheap, about $3/sq ft for cleaning, plus $65/hour for repairs and $40 for pickup and delivery. First I vacuumed like crazy, then had a pest control company treat the carpet and room with a pyrethrum-based pesticide. Then Sudbury Rug picked up the carpet, wrapping it first in plastic, to keep any remaining pests out of the environment. I understand they send it out to be cleaned, at a place where it is immersed in a tank somehow. Then they used latex as an adhesive and muslin on the back of the carpet to keep the wool that was eaten through on the back from falling off the cotton warp threads on the front. It looked pretty good when they brought it back, even without repair to the eaten away parts on the front. I did not get the permanent moth-proofing, as they recommended against it, and I would rather have it as non-toxic as possible. There is still some loose wool wrapping where moth larvae chewed along the edge, which I plan to repair myself. The negatives were that the whole thing took almost two months, they were slow to return calls, and they were unsure whether it had actually been cleaned or not, but I gather they were in the midst of some kind of crisis and reorganization, and I have my rug back, with the repairs I requested, moth-free as far as I can tell, so I’m happy. I would use their services again.”Mark H.

“I went into Sudbury Rug not really knowing what I wanted. Nancy, who is also the owner was very helpful  and new a ton  about the products they carry. Still was unsure so they rolled up the rugs I was interested in and let me take them home. I didn’t know places still did that. Buying from a catalog or online seems way too risky, but since I got to actually see the rug in my home before buying really helped a lot. I ended up ordering a rug they had but in a larger size. They delivered it last week. It looks great!!”James A.

“I was very impressed with Nancy’s intuitive understanding of what would work for me and with her graciousness and helpfulness. She had to show me photos and small samples because they didn’t have the color and size I wanted in stock, and when I saw the actual rug, with the fringe that she had someone sew on for me, I realized it was exactly the right selection.”Suzanne L.

“My wife and I hired Sudbury Rug to replace a stairway runner and wall to wall carpeting in an upstairs hallway, bedrooms, and some odd-shaped closets. We also purchased the carpeting from them – beautiful medium gray pile carpeting with a small, unobtrusive design that we believe will not look worn when walked upon (unlike our previous hall carpeting) and so far has not shown pet fur. Nancy Salvin, Natalya, and the installation team were helpful, courteous, and prompt with everything from our selection of carpeting to the installation. Nancy was also good at managing supply chain related expectations – she predicted when our carpeting would likely be shipped from overseas with great accuracy! We also felt the prices were quite reasonable given the quality of the product and service and would happily recommend this great local company to anyone!” – Amy Wyeth

“Sudbury Rug has a fabulous selection of wall to wall carpet, stair runners and area rugs. Owner Nancy Salvin goes over the top on customer service. Her crew masters complex stair runner installations. Interior designers know that Sudbury Rug is the place to shop for beautiful carpet and rugs!” – Angela Malkin

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