Solution Dyed vs. Traditional Dyed Carpets and Rugs

Solution Dyed vs. Traditional Dyed Carpets and Rugs…

What does Solution Dyed mean?

The carpet featured below is solution dyed which means the color is added to the liquid state of the fiber components, before the fiber is actually produced. Basically, when the fiber is extruded from the spinnerets, it is already the desired color.

What does Traditional Dyed mean?

The traditional method of dyeing fibers involves first producing the fiber then adding the color, so the fiber is produced in a colorless form. After the production the fiber is then dipped into the dye to add color.

To better understand the difference picture a radish and a carrot. The radish represents the traditional-dyed fiber, where the color is on the exterior but does not go through. (The radish is red on the outside but white on the inside.) By contrast, the carrot is orange all the way through in the same way, that solution-dyed fiber has color throughout.














What are the benefits of Solution Dyed fibers?

Well, they are much more colorfast which means it is more resistant to fading or color bleeding. This is due to the color being locked into the fibers. So, it is a great choice for areas that will be subjected to intense light. Also, because the fibers are stabilized during the production using ultralight inhibitors, they are the best choice for use in outdoor carpet applications. They also have increase stain resistance. Spills are not able to be absorbed by the fibers, and so the result is a carpet that is close to stain-proof as is possible. Overall, solution-dyed fiber is a great choice for both residential and commercial carpets, for its stain resistance.

Manufacturer: Kane Carpet
Design: Orvieto
Fiber: Headset Eurolon
Color: Distant Thunder
Features: Solution Dyed
Installation: Stair Runner


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