Rugs in Framingham MA

Looking to add modern beauty and elegance to your home with the finest rugs in Framingham, MA? At Sudbury Rug, we specialize in providing exceptional rugs and carpets including area rugs, custom rugs, stair runners, wall to wall carpet, and also rug pads.

When you want your rugs and carpet to look brand new again, our rug cleaning service in Framingham, MA ensures top-notch results for your rugs. We work with the best cleaning facility in New England. That way, you experience the best rug cleaning service you have ever experienced in Framingham, MA. We also provide rug repair services so to keep your rugs lasting longer and looking better.

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Sudbury’s Rug Selection in Framingham, MA

At Sudbury Rug, we take pride in providing the best rug selection for your home in Framingham, MA. We offer an extensive selection of rugs including:

Area Rugs in Framingham, MA

We provide our customers with the most spectacular area rugs Boston, MA has to offer. Select from a variety of area rugs in different sizes, colors, and designs.

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We partner with the most respectable area rug companies in the world. That way, our customers get to choose from only the best area rug selection in Framingham, MA.

Custom Rugs in Framingham, MA

For decades, we have been installing the finest custom rugs in Framingham, MA. We can customize any one of our collections to fit the stairs, halls, foyer, or any room in your home.

View Our Custom Rug Gallery Here

We provide custom rugs that are chic, elegant, and affordable. Choose to customize your area rugs, stair runners, wall to wall carpet, and more.

Stair Runners in Framingham, MA

Our stair runners add both beauty and traction to any staircase. Perfectly compliment your home with the finest stair runners in Framingham, MA.  

View Our Stair Runners Gallery Here

We provide a selection of stair runners that come in different lengths, widths, and styles.

Wall To Wall Carpet in Framingham, MA

Our extensive collection of wall to wall carpet in Framingham, MA adds comfort and beauty to your home. Choose from a selection of carpets such as wool Berbers, nylons, Saxony, twist tweeds, plushes, blends, and so much more. Not to mention colorful prints and patterns.

View Our Wall To Wall Carpet Gallery Here

Choose to take our wall to wall carpet and make into an area rug, stair runner, or custom fabrication.

Our Rug Cleaning Service in Framingham, MA

Looking to restore the original beauty of your rugs and carpet? Let our expert rug cleaning service in Framingham, MA make your rugs look brand new and last longer.

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We provide rug and carpet cleaning packages that are cost effective and efficient. Choose from a variety of add-on rug cleaning services including:

Rug Deodorizing

  • Individual Rug Evaluation & Custom Treatment
  • Antimicrobial , Enzyme, &Fragrance Treatments

Rug Sanitizing

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Removes Odor
  • Kills Mildew

Moth Repellent

  • Not A Pesticide & Will NOT Kill Moths or Carpet Beetles
  • Repels Insects From Rug & Carpet Fiber
  • Leaves No odor

Dust Mite Treatment

  • All Natural Treatment
  • Deactivates Allergen Found in Dust Mites & Dust Mite Droppings

Rug Stain Resistance Treatment

  • Non-Toxic Stain Resistant Treatment
  • Prevents The Penetration of Sots & Spills

Our Rug Repair Services in Framingham, MA

At Sudbury, we have been providing rug repair services in Framingham, MA since 1985. We use only the best craftsmen and rug repair professionals. That way, we ensure the best results for your rugs.

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Our rug repair services include:

Lock Stitching

  • Prevents Rugs From Unraveling At The Edges
  • Stitching Helps void Costly Repairs & Protects Against Devaluation


  • Matching Yarn Is Stitched To Create Uniformity

Fringe Repair

  • Careful Trimming Of Knotted or Worn Fringe

Rug Binding and Serging

  • Polyester Binding To Rug Edges
  • Adds Continuous Wrap Of Yarn Around Rug Edges
  • Provides A Borderless Look

The Best Rugs In Framingham, MA

When you want to add exceptional style and comfort to your home, Sudbury Rug is the best solution. Our selection of rugs in Framingham, MA are the finest rugs and carpets in Boston.

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