Rug Repair Services

Since 1985, Sudbury Rug has been providing rug repair services to communities all over the MetroWest area of Massachusetts. We work with only the best craftsmen and rug repair experts to ensure that your rugs, whether they are handed down heirlooms or decoration for your playrooms, will last longer and look better.

A few of our more needed rug repair services are:

Lock Stitching

With this process, a neat, nearly invisible stitch is sewn back and forth from end to end at the fringe sides of your rug. This prevents rugs from unraveling at the edges where wear is more harmful by ensuring that the colored wool knots that compose the rug’s design will not pull off at the ends of the warp threads. This step helps avoid the need of more extensive expensive repairs and protects against the devaluation of older rugs.


This is for rugs that have already started to unravel on the sides of handmade rugs and anywhere on a rug that already has serging. This tends to happen naturally over time and certainly more frequently with rugs in high foot traffic areas. To perform this restorative rug repair, matching yarn is selected and stitches are overcast where needed to match the uniformity of the rest of the rug.

Fringe Repair

Over time and in high traffic areas, fringe on rugs can start to wear out, detracting from the beauty and value of your rug. We can address this through re-fringing, where your choice of knotted or unknotted new fringe is hand sewn onto your rug or, if the fringe is simply starting to wear down or fray, we can carefully and precisely trim the fringe to restore its fresh crisp look.

Rug Binding and Serging

Using the same techniques we do when creating custom rugs, the binding process involves adding a durable and attractive polyester binding to the edge of the rug. Serging is the process of adding a continuous wrap of yarn around the edge of the rug, providing a “borderless” look. Either of these treatments can extend the life of your rug and create a tailored, neat look that complements any style.

We also offer other, more specialized rug repair services which we will assess and address on a custom basis to make sure you are getting the most effective, long lasting rug repair and the one that is most cost effective for the age and value of your rug. We are far more interested in having you be happy with your rug than we are in performing unnecessary work.

For any rug repair concern you have call on our over 30 year reputation for outstanding service and work – simply give us a call or fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away!


    *There may be charges for pickup & delivery depending on what town*