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Rug Cleaning Services in Sudbury MA

At Sudbury Rug, we offer the highest quality Rug Cleaning Services in Massachusetts. We work with the best rug cleaning facility in New England to ensure optimal results for your rugs. We specialize in careful handling of Oriental rugs, Area Rugs, Tufted Rugs, Flat Weaves, and Machine Woven Rugs — essentially every type of area rug imaginable. To be truthful, if we can’t do it, it can’t be done!

We will even pick up and deliver your rugs for your convenience, especially if your rugs are large or you don’t want to bother rolling and wrestling your rugs yourself.

Our standard cleaning and sanitizing includes all the steps below:

– Pre-wash inspection
– Thorough rug dusting
– Pre-conditioning-spot cleaning
– Pre-soaking
– Rug washing and rinse
– Cold water rinse and wring
– Sanitizing
– Humidity controlled drying
– Pile lifting and grooming
– Kraft paper wrapping

Does your rug need standard cleaning and sanitizing? Or would you like to take advantage of the money-saving packages we offer? At Sudbury Rug, we will help you pick the right service for your rug.

All rug cleaning services are a minimum of $35 per rug.

Rug Cleaning Options in Sudbury, MA

Our Rug Cleaning options save you money by ensuring that you pay for just the services you need.

Standard Gold Service
This rug cleaning service is our standard cleaning and sanitizing.

Platinum Service
The platinum service includes our standard cleaning and sanitizing with the addition of one Add On Services listed below

Add-On Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Deodorizing
Rug deodorizing depends on the source of the odor and the nature of the rug fiber. We evaluate and treat each rug on a custom basis. We use antimicrobial treatments, enzymes, and fragrance. This combination gives your rug or carpet the desired results.

Rug Sanitizing
Rug sanitizing is similar to deodorizing. However, it uses more targeted products to kill bacteria, remove odors on contact, and kill any mildew. This process will remove the smell of urine, except that of cats, and other strong odors. We recommend this service to those who have dogs or other pets.

Moth Repellent
This treatment is not a pesticide and will not kill moths or carpet beetles. It creates an irritant that repels the insects away from the fiber. Moth repellent is applied after the cleaning process and leaves no odor. We highly recommend this for rugs that will be stored for any length of time. Or if there have been any previous insect infestations.

All Natural Dust Mite Treatment
Our all natural treatment deactivates the allergen found in dust mite droppings. This is the actual allergen that is destroyed by denaturing the substance. Our treatment is highly effective and is very popular with our customers.

Force Field Stain Resistance For Rugs
This is a non-toxic stain resistant treatment that helps in stain prevention by slowing penetration of spots or spills and allows more time to remove or treat the stain. Force Field makes cleaning and general maintenance easier. This treatment is only effective until the next professional cleaning.

Premium Rug Cleaning Services in Sudbury, MA

Cat Urine Decontamination 
This treatment is always used for cat urine! While dog urine usually comes out through sanitizing and deodorizing, cat urine lingers. In fact, for years, rugs that had been exposed to cat urine needed to be discarded. Our rug cleaning services has changed that. This very powerful but safe process is our only guaranteed odor removal application.

Moth Infestation Treatment
Moths love to eat the wool fibers in your rugs, especially the parts hidden under furniture! This moth infestation treatment is applied prior to cleaning. We will kill all insects and eggs on contact, even those hidden in the crevices of your rug.

Regular rug cleaning will not just make your rug look beautiful but will actually make it last longer. Contact us today to schedule your rug cleaning and know that you are in the very best hands!

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