Rug Cleaning & Rugs For Sale in Sudbury, MA

With Sudbury being were our headquarters are proudly located, we offer outstanding rug cleaning & rugs for sale in Sudbury, MA. For over 30 years we have been serving residents in the Sudbury and the surrounding Metrowest area providing clients with expert rug cleaning and repair. Considered one of the best towns for families – and kids, and pets – in Massachusetts, we have a hunch that carpets and rugs could potentially need some sprucing up. As a family company ourselves, we understand the importance of pleasing a family and our clients.

We can help you keep everything from your grandma’s rug that has been passed down to you to the mudroom rug that catches everything from the outdoors look good, stay fresh and last longer. We enjoy a flattering reputation for being the best in the area and we love the opportunity to show you first hand why. Get in touch with us today and we can help you choose the services that make the best sense for your needs.

And if you have a space that cries out for a rug, want to replace something that just doesn’t work anymore or are looking for some new ideas, come visit us and browse hundreds of rugs, some ready to take home that day, some you can order in any size, shape or style and a full complement of rugs you can order to complete your look.

Services that we offer include: