Rug Cleaning & Repair in Wayland, MA

Sudbury Rug is proud to offer their legendary rug cleaning and repair in Wayland, MA. With Sudbury being a neighboring town to our headquarters, we have offered these services to countless Wayland residents and are thrilled to enjoy the reputation for being the best in the area. We have helped customers care for rugs that have been in their families for years, new rugs they want to keep beautiful for their coming generations, all the way to rugs in playrooms that are meant to get dirty! Regular rug cleaning will extend the life of your rugs and we are happy to pick and deliver your rugs whenever you decide it’s time! And our repair services are done by extremely talented artisans who have many years of experience. Sudbury Rug will help you keep your rugs – and your home –  looking beautiful!

Rug Services we offer include: