Urine Decontamination

Urine Decontamination Rug CleaningThis treatment is always for used for cat urine! Dog urine usually comes out when we add sanitizing and possibly deodorizing, to our standard process. This is why we have rug cleaning services to cater to all of those incidents. One of the more aggressive services we provide is urine decontamination. Pets are great to have but accidents are bound to happen, especially on carpets.

How It Works

Whether it be an area rug or oriental rug, the rug will be soaked in a solution for 48 hours in a special enzyme soak. This breaks down the urine, and then the rug will be completely rinsed and cleaned. This decontamination process is our only guaranteed odor removal process. If you would like a free quote on our urine decontamination service, please fill out our contact form.

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