Area & Oriental Rug Fringe Repair

Over time the fringe on an area or oriental rug will look worn out. This tends to happen naturally over time as well as for rugs that are placed in high traffic areas of your home. When a fringe starts to go it, it harms the look and value of a rug. The first sign of the fringe of your rug starting to go, contact a professional as soon as you can. We have been offering area & oriental rug fringe services since 1985. We offer both re-fringing and fringe trimmings.

Rug Re-Fringing Process

New fringe is hand sewn on the rug, where you can choose from knotted or un-knotted.

Trim Fringe

Sometimes fringe may wear down or fray with time and hard use. We simply cut the fringe evenly across the rug, like cutting off split ends. This adds a nice crisp look to your rug.

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