Oriental & Area Rug Moth Treatment

Moths are pests that get into your home and will attack your Oriental rug, especially the parts that are hidden under furniture. They love to eat wool which leaves holes in the rug as well as other damages. Sudbury Rug has helped rug owners over the years by removing the moths and their eggs. (Remember, we can get rid of the moths in your rug but we can’t keep them from returning. You must treat the entire house before the rugs are returned.) If you need any advice on removing moths from your home, feel free to call Ken at 508-633-8879 He’s been doing this for over 30 years.

Moth Infestation Treatment

No need for moth balls ever again. This moth infestation treatment is applied prior to cleaning. This treatment will kill all insects and eggs on contact that are in the crevices of your rug. Our treatment facility is one of a kind and will assure that your rug will be moth free for years to come!

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