Oriental Rug Lock Stitching

Since 1985, Sudbury Rug has been servicing rugs from residents in and around Sudbury, MA. From rug cleanings, to selling custom fabrications, to rug repairs we do it all.  One of our popular rug repair services is lock stitching for Oriental rug. This top of the line service will ensure that your rug lasts for years to come while still keeping its look!

How Lock Stitching Works

Lock Stitching stops rugs from unraveling. Unraveling for a rug can lead to major repairs and destroy the value of old rugs. A neat, nearly invisible stitch is sewn back and forth from end to end at the fringe. This stitch will ensure your rug will not unravel for years to come!

Putting lock stitching in place means that even if the end of a rug does wear heavily, the colored wool knots that compose the rug’s design will not pull off the ends of the warp threads.

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