Rug Dust Mite Treatment

One thing that all homeowners can agree on and have in common is that they fight dust in their home. Dust is bound to collect almost anywhere in your home which is why dust mite allergies are so common. Like with anything else in your home, your area or oriental rug is bound to collect dust and dust mites over the years. The collection of dust mites in your rugs can increase symptoms for residents that have dust mite allergies. You want to make sure you take your rug to a professional cleaning service to ensure that your rug is fully removed of all dust.

All Natural Dust Mite Treatment

What makes Sudbury Rug different from other rug cleaning services is that we pride ourselves with using all natural treatment. This is true for our rug dust mite treatment services. This all natural treatment works great against the most common of house hold allergies. The way it works is by deactivation the allergen found in dust mite droppings (this is what makes you allergic) by denaturing the substance. This treatment works really well for those of you allergic to dust mites.

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