Rug Deodorizing

Over the years, area rugs and oriental rugs start to collect the odors in the atmosphere. After a while, the build up of odor can come to be unpleasant. Sudbury Rug has been providing quality rug deodorizing services since 1985 to rug owners in and around Sudbury, MA.

Our Rug Deodorizing Process

We use a number of different products depending on the source of the odor and the nature of the fiber. We understand the importance and emotional connection you have to your rug. When something happens to the rug, whether it be a stain or an odor, we know the effect it can have in your home. Which is why we make sure that all odors are fully removed with our deodorizing services. We pride ourselves in making sure that each customer leaves our store with a smile on their face knowing that we fully deodorized their rug.  We use anti-microbial treatments, enzymes, fragrance and the combination of these to obtain the desired results.

Using either our Gold or Platinum packages you can combine our rug deodorizing service along with another one of our professional rug cleaning services. With these packages your rug will return to your home looking and smelling like it was new! Contact us today to to schedule your rug deodorizing today! You can also fill out our contact form to the right.

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