Most Common Rug Stains

Stains, they are a nuisance among home owners and people in general. We all want our living areas to be spic and span at all times, but the reality is that it probably won’t be that way. Accidents will happen, which is why provide our rug cleaning services to anyone in need of them.  When it comes to accidents, our carpets and rugs are the ones who pay for those accidents. The worst part is that you may not see these stains in time to get rid of them yourself. When that happens, make sure you call a professional to clean your rug.

It is imperative to know whether or not your rug may have a stain or not, because some stains do blend with the color of the rug. Here is a list of common stains that every homeowner should be aware of.

  • Water – Based – The stain that a person will come in contact with. These stains are made from beverages such as soda, beer, liquor, juices and milk. In addition, water-based stains can be caused by ink, paint and mud.
  • Oil – Based – These types of stains are caused by spills involving cooking oils, glues and adhesives, crayon, polishes, makeup, tars, waxes, butter and gravy. These stains tend to be more difficult to remove. With this in mind, be sure to contact a professional.
  • Pet Stains – These types of stains are another common blemish that we come across in our industry. Humans are not the only ones who have accidents, there are plenty of stories where a pet dog or cat has had an accident. These usually happen on a rug 9 our of 10 times, and they are a hassle to remove. In addition to those accidents, pets that spend a lot of time on rugs tend to leave their odor. Which is why our services for cleaning include pet stain removal, as well as pet odor removal!

If you have any other questions about different types of stains, along with our removal methods, please call us today!

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