Matching Rugs in the Same Room Custom Made

How To Choose Matching Rugs in the Same Room

Matching rugs in the same room with different elements can be tricky. This customer wanted two rugs to match each other but didn’t want identical rugs. Here we created custom sized rugs using the same company and they look fantastic! Since the rugs are from the same Nourison line, the accent colors are the same meaning they look absolutely stunning together.

Manufacturer: Nourison
Collection: Grand Parterre
Design: Traditional floral
Fiber: Wool
Color: Rust and Green
Features: Low pile but very soft
Installation: Nourison Fifty to Infinity cut and serged to an exact size

If you are looking for rugs that will work beautifully together, whether in the same room or house, please contact us for a free design consultation. We can help you create the custom look you want with the best pricing and our legendary service.

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