Eco-Friendly Carpet

Carpet is cozy, soft and can even absorb sounds, making it a great choice for flooring in many homes. Having a healthier home is more than a trend. Homeowners are becoming interested in eco-friendly carpet for their beautiful homes. Eco-friendly carpet can benefit new parents, people concerned about the environment, people with allergies and more!

We offer “green” non-toxic products that will help you feel confident you’re making a choice that is good for your home and for the planet.

Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) – Green Label Plus Program

The carpet industry has a long history of creating products that provide numerous benefits, specifically for indoor air quality. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important environmental consideration, especially since we send 90% of our time indoors. One of the companies we work with have select products that are part of the Green Label Plus program, which test carpets, adhesives, and cushions to help identify products with very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest emitting products available on the market.

Many companies we carry such as Dixie Home, Nourison, Nourtex, and more carry Green Label Plus products. When looking through our sample boards, you will see the Green Label Plus logo on certain products.

CRI Green Label Plus







Purity Select – Designed by Nature

Purity Select by Couristan is an eco-friendly natural wool line. Their carpets feature an undyed natural surface with no artificial color treatments, are naturally hypo-allergenic, and is made with renewable resources. A great eco-friendly carpet option!


Couristan Purity Select









Kane Carpet

All of Kane Carpets are made out of the same material, Eurolon fiber. All Eurolon fiber carpets are free of toxic elements and are environmentally friendly. This is due to the fact that all their carpets are solution-dyed (click to read about solution-dyed vs traditional-dyed carpets) to be color-fast, stain-resistant and durable. Since the colors are “melted in” during production of the fiber, it eliminates the traditional use of large quantities of water for dyeing, contributed to the preservation of water and the quality of their water. They are also anti-microbial, which means it does not support the growth of mites or bacteria.


At Fibreworks, they have an everyday commitment to impacting our environment as little as possible. All of their products are made out of natural fibers such as sisal, jute, coir, seagrass, and wool, making it sustainable, biodegradable and the environmentally responsible choice for helping to preserve our plant for generations to come. They also have natural carpet backings, where some of their most common backings include jute, natural latex, and natural rubber. Natural rubber and latex backings are extracted from the Havea rubber tree and unlike synthetic latex, natural latex is not produced by chemical polymerization. Being eco-friendly is simply in their nature!


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