Durable High Traffic Area Rugs for the Living Room

Over the years, we have helped many clients find area rugs to be placed throughout their homes. From spaces that are empty to spaces that are bustling with décor, there is always room for a rug. A living room is a space where people mostly gather to sit, chat, and eat together. This space isn’t like bedrooms or office rooms which are generally private and have limited interference. When purchasing a rug for such space, it is important to understand how durable it is and how long it can last despite heavy traffic. Read below to find the best rug that will suit your home!

Wool rugs

You cannot go wrong with wool. These are some of the best choices because they work well for high-traffic areas. These rugs won’t wear off easily as they are dirt and stain resistant. Wool is naturally water resistant and can absorb water spills. I mean they will look clean, even when it isn’t. They are also safe for children because they discourage the growth of bacteria, other microbes as well as allergens. Even if you have elders at home suffering from asthma, wool rugs will be a good choice. It also acts as an excellent insulator and helps moderate temperature and humidity in the home by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed. For centuries, wool has been the choice to add warmth, comfort and soft luxurious textures into homes around the world.

Oriental area rugs

We love Oriental rugs here at Sudbury Rug. Before we switched our services to stair runners, wall to wall carpet, customer area rugs, and area rug cleanings/repairs, we had piles of Oriental rugs for sale. These rugs can last for more than 20 years without being worn out. If the rugs are handmade, they tend to last longer compared to machine-made rugs. These rugs you can place in areas of high traffic such as living rooms, aisles, and entryways, and even kitchen areas. Main key with Oriental rugs is to make sure vacuuming is part of your schedule and it will keep the rug in great shape.

Synthetic fiber rugs and low pile rugs

These types of rugs are great for high traffic areas. One reason being is that they will not be flattened by high foot traffic. They are great with repelling soil that can normally get collected in rug fibers when someone carries dirt from outside. Many synthetic carpets are solution dyed which makes it durable and good at repelling stains. (Wondering what does solution dyed means? Head to our blog that discuss just that!) They are also available in an affordable price range so they would not meddle with your budget.

These rugs are great when it comes to addressing the durability factor, as they can last more than 20 years. They contain no glue or adhesives, so they do not decay like machine-made rugs. This means these rugs can get thoroughly cleaned from a professional cleaner, keeping your rug looking new for generations.

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