A Burgundy Runner Rug That Is A Stunner!

This burgundy runner rug is absolutely gorgeous and makes the most beautiful impression as you enter this home and see the single stairs branch into two facing staircases. While the quality of this rug is fantastic, it is not outrageously priced but lands right in the middle. Many people can’t believe the price when they hear it because this rug is so beautiful and so soft. The traditional design with its many colors and fluid pattern makes it perfect for both stairs and landings, as seen here. The customer was absolutely thrilled with this installation of her new burgundy runner rug and especially happy that it went in just in time for Christmas!

burgundy runner rug

Manufacturer: Couristan
Collection: Royal luxury
Design: Brentwood
Fiber: Wool
Color:Bordeaux burgundy
Features: Wool elegance but machine made so more cost effective
Installation: Straight stairway in two directions

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