Why You Want an Area Rug Pad

When we sell you an area rug, we are absolutely going to talk to you about why you want an area rug pad. No, it’s not because we are trying to upsell you! We actually want you to love and get a long life out of your new rug and an area rug pad can make all the difference in how long your rug lasts and how it performs in your home.

Having an area rug pad increases the lifespan of your rug! First, the cushion from the padding protects both the backing and the binding on your area rug by absorbing the impact of foot traffic and preventing any grit that gets between the floor surface and the backing from abrading the rug fibers. Also, having an area rug pad between the floor and the rug means a nice gap of air for your vacuum cleaner to use when sucking up any dirt in your rug meaning you can get more of the dust and grit that ends up on your rug up and OUT!

In addition to helping your rug stay in great shape, an area rug pad can also act as an additional layer of insulation making that rug and your bare feet happy together! In the winter it traps heat and in the summer it prevents the cooler air from dissipating through the room. Also, an area rug pad can help provide sound insulation – upstairs kids’ bedrooms, anyone? As a bonus, that extra layer of insulation from your area rug pad makes your area rug feel softer and more cushy!

An area rug pad can also ensure that the flooring below the rug stays in good shape! At Sudbury Rug, we will make sure that the area rug pad we provide to you will take into account the material and finish of your floor to ensure that it too stays in the best shape possible.

Last, but certainly not least, is that an area rug pad is essential for keeping an area rug in place on your flooring. Having an area rug that slides around is not only annoying – who wants to be constantly tugging it back in place? – but dangerous! Stepping on an area rug that then slides out from under you can result in your doing an accidental split or worse, having a nasty fall.

When you shop with us, you can be confident that we will provide you with the area rug pad that is best suited for both your existing floor surface and your new rug to help you get the longest life out of that rug, keep it looking and feeling fabulous and helping to keep everyone safe and upright!


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